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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Garage Sale-ing

Does anybody know how to spell sale-ing?  Is it 'saling' or 'saleing'?  None of it looks right to me.

The kids and I had such a good time today!  We went to town with $50 to spend at garage sales and we came home with $2!  It was fun.  Stinky likes so many things, I really have to limit what she can buy.  Bubba doesn't ask for much, there was only a few things that I told him no to and it was because it was too much money or something that we didn't need at all. 

We started at about 9:30 or so this morning.  We didn't finish until about 2:15 this afternoon!  What a day!  A lot of walking and a lot of driving.  I think the kids will sleep well tonight.

 These are Bubba's finds for the day:
He found some of these cars, I have no ideas which ones except the red truck and trailer.  I think he bought 6.  The rug and other cars were already his.
The soccer ball is a cooler, and inside is Chicken Little

 These here are last weekends finds, but I wanted to post them anyways.  He filled the pencil cup himself.
 And here is what Stinky found:
 This is a pile of her things.  There is a pillow, a hat, a Barbie car, 2 scarves, a necklace, a purse, a tin, 2 hair bows and 2 shirts.
These are pom-pons

A Caboodle!!  And she has filled already. 

The computer, pencil holder and trinket box is from last weekend.

And now my finds!!

 We also found a few things for both of the kids.  My favorite is the easel.  It's used for sure, but the whiteboard part still had the plastic cover on it!  So that part at least is brand new!!

Bubba found the green hula-hoop first and really wanted one.  Then we found the 2 orange ones.  One is small like the green, the other is a regular sized one.  


The Man Crew said...

OOOOO, is that a bread maker?? LOVE the picnic basket!! The kids look like they did a great job of picking some bargains! Glad you had such a great day!
PS. I always spelled it sailing, since we were sailing from sale to sale. I'm not sure that saling/sale-ing is an actual word...LOL!

Danielle Leigh said...

Yes my Kristy friend, that is a bread maker!! I have been trying to get one on freecycle for about a month and they never answer me. I finally got one!


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