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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

If It's Gonna Hurt Anyways, Why Not?

I have not been using my Wii Fit game for quite a while.  When I was using it before, it made my foot hurt too bad.  I have previous injuries that make my foot ache and bother me.  But for the last, hmmmm, year, my foot has bothered me almost every single day without doing the Wii game.  So I decided yesterday, if my foot is going to bother me no matter what, I might was well get back to exercising and get into better shape.  So I started my workout again last night.  Now the Wii Fit is not the best workout, but it is a good one and fun!  I do enjoy working out also.  I have some other VHS videos that I could use that I know I really like also.

I am really petite, so when I work out, I do not want to do too many exercises for losing weight.  I do strength increasing exercises.  And I prefer resistance exercises more than aerobics.  Even though I am small I am not weak.  Many people do not believe me, but I am strong for my size.  The injury in my neck excludes me from lifting anything now, but before I was able to lift things that others didn't think I ever could!  I remember one time going to go go-cart racing with some friends.  They didn't think that I would be able to even hold onto the steering wheel!  I laughed at them, so did Greg.  My husband knows my strength and he is impressed by it.  

I am able to do about 200-250 sit-ups through out a 30 minute workout on a video I love to do called Perfectly Fit Abs with Claudia Schiffer.  On the video they do a total of 400 sit-ups.  That is the amount I can do when I have not been working out.  I have this whole set, it also includes Perfectly Fit Buns, Perfectly Fit Arms and Perfectly Fit Legs.  These are my favorite exercise videos.  They are the perfect resistance exercises and they really push me.  I like that push.  Anyways, back to my story....Greg is impressed with my ability to do sit ups because he isn't able to do as many as myself.  But shhhhh don't tell him that I told you that!  Of course, I can't do these videos until Greg is back to work.  I don't like him to watch.  

I also have the ability to do quite a number of push-ups.  When I met Greg I had quite the abs....I have lost much of them.   You can still make them out if I try, but I need to get them much better defined than they are.  And if you ask Greg, I need to work my behind quite a bit.  Lol!

So with that all said, I have started my workouts again.  Last night I worked for 32 minutes with the Wii.  This morning I am going to do another 30 minute work out.  In fact, it's time for my workout right now!  So off I go to make myself healthier!  

Oh wait!  I did set myself a little tiny goal.  I really don't know what a realistic goal would be, lol.  I decided to see if I can gain 2 lbs in 2 weeks.  And of course, I want muscle gain.  So I don't do very many hula hoop games or the running.  I will keep you updated on how I do.



Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

I can safely say you're the first blogger I've met today that is looking to gain this week! HA

Just found you! I'll come back. Come on over for some mom inspiration and encouragement.

Unknown said...

Are you lifting weights?
that'll help with the gaining muscle and with fighting Osteoporosis.

I can barely do push ups. I have good strength in my hands and legs, but my arms are totally wimpy.

Danielle Leigh said...

Kim I didn't know that lifting weights helped with osteoporosis! That is neat. I am not using weights, but I might start now!


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