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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's that time again.  Time for a coffee break.  Today I am frustrated a little because something that we were expecting and needing in the mail today was not there.  But I have other things to focus my energy on and so I'm blogging to get it out of my mind.

Don't you just love to watch your childrens eyes light up when you have gotten them something that they love?  Greg and  I were able to experience that.  Greg's friend came across a quad and came and told Greg about it, thinking that he might like to buy it for the kids.  It is a very small one.  But it's electric.  Of course, my husband can't say no to the deal that he was offered, and voila, we now own a quad for the kids.  Check out their expressions when they saw it....
They look excited don't they?  Boy oh boy were they!  But what a treat!  Imagine your dad opening the back of the van to show you this:
I think you would also be excited!  Sure looks cute in the back of my van doesn't it?  

Dad was sure to give the kids a lesson on safety before they were able to ride it.  And there are rules: 1.  Never ride without laced up shoes (they should have boots but we haven't been able to buy any yet).  2.  Always wear your helmet, safety goggles and gloves (safety goggles and gloves not bought yet).  3.  Must wear jeans.  Those are pretty simple rules, don'tcha thing?
The other day I decided to gather up my courage and cut the kids' hair.  Wow.  I spend some time a few days before to look up directions on how to cut both of their hair.  I don't do hair.  I can put it in pony tails and braid it.  That's about it.  But it's been so tough with keeping up on my bills and I haven't had extra money to take all of us in to get our hair cut.  So I just had to do the kids' myself.  I did pretty good for my first time.   Stinky's hair is a little uneven in the back, but who's gonna notice?  And if they do, what are the chances of them saying something?   And if they do that?  Well, then I turn around and walk away.  It surprised me that I had a bigger pile of hair for Bubba's than Stinky's.  

I found pizza dough that had already risen at Safeway.  All I had to do is come home, let it finish rising just a tad and roll it out.  Then we make a pizza.  So I did.  And here's what it looked like....ha ha ha
I forgot to check for air bubbles while it was cooking.  Oops.  It still tasted good.

There is a Renaissance Faire coming into town next month.  I love the Middle Ages.  So my kids and I are doing some studies on  Medieval times.  I am going to be blogging more about that on my blog, Teaching at Home in a Christian Way.  I am excited to go!  I think there is even a library book on order for the kids to make some of their own costumes to wear there.

Well I suppose I better stop typing and get off the computer.  The kids are asking and begging for me to take them for a ride on the quad.  I wish it was a little bit bigger, lol.  It's still fun though! 

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