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Saturday, June 12, 2010

This N That


Today the kids and I stopped at Megan's graduation party just for a few minutes.  I was already late for another appointment and I didn't realize it until after we were eating at Daphne's.  The kids had both picked out a bear and a frame to give to Megan.  The frames matched and were a purple pearly color with diamond looking accents and Amanda chose a beanie baby bear and Kyle chose a larger teddy bear for her.  

I do not like the sticker on the back of this car, but when I saw it in the Walmart parking lot, I had to take pictures of it.  This thing is hideous!!  The poor car needs to be put out of it's misery.  I shudder to see what the girl looks like that drives it.   I say girl because the back window says "Princess", but I guess that doesn't always mean a girl now a days.  I love how the inside door handle is tie-wired together!  As if Gremlins aren't ugly enough....

This is just the cutest little boy!  

We only saw 2 birds but they were too far away.  Oh and we saw a robin and crow, but they don't count as bird watching because we have them at home.


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