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Monday, September 27, 2010

2nd Tag of the Day....well sorta

Kitties in coffee cups?  How much cuter can you get than that?

So my friend Kristy, over at The Man Crew answered Mishmash Maggie's questions and I wanted to answer her questions too!  So here are the questions from Kristy:

1 What is in your CD player (or on your iPod) right now? Why do you like it?
Francesa Batistelli and I LOVE her!  Such great uplifting and praising songs!

2 Tell me about your childhood in 3 words, your teenage life in 3 sentences and your adult life in less than a paragraph. Be succinct : )
Childhood:  Daddy's little girl
Teenage Life:  School was my favorite place to be because it was away from home.  Home brought anger and frustrations.  Still a Daddy's girl!
Adult Life:  I've learned what is most important in life.  I have prioritized my life the way that I think God wants me to.  I have had to make some really tough decisions to separate myself from people that bring my troubles or stress.  I learned that it is much harder to be the submissive wife than it is to try and fill a role that I was not meant to fill but with the grace of God I can fulfill the role that He has chosen for me.

3 How did you meet your spouse, or best friend?
When I was 18, my parents sold our farm and moved from Western Washington to the Eastern side.  I stayed here w/an aunt for a while, but eventually moved in w/my parents because of financial and personal problems.  While I was staying there, I came back here to visit my best friend for the weekend.  Her boyfriend had his cousin over and he was so cute!  I just had this feeling when I met him that we would be together.  And here we are, 15 years later with almost 12 years of marriage behind us.

4 How has blogging changed your life? It doesn't have to be PROFOUND
It has given me a way to unwind, a sort of release.  It has also allowed me to write, which I love, without feeling like I am being graded or might get turned down by a publisher.  It is a way for me to share my life, my problems, my joys and my love for Jesus with others.

5 What is your favorite Bible story and why?
I love to read about Saul's conversion to Christianity.  I think it is so powerful.  A man persecuting the Christians and the Lord speaks to him.  He is a changed man after that and one of our most leading Christian men of the past.  It is awing and inspiring to me.

6 How would someone else describe you in less than 5 words?
Well it depends on who you ask, lol.  I know this would be said of me, "Brings others to God."

7 If you were stranded on an island, what 4 things would you take with you and why? Assuming that food, water and basic shelter was somehow provided.
1. My Bible
2. My husband
3. My daughter
4. My son

8 How did we meet and why are we friends?
We met on Cafemom in the CEO group.  We are friends because we share the love of the Lord and that makes us sisters in Christ!  We are friends because we share some of the same problems and joys and that stirs a kinship in us.  We are friends because we both have the same sense of humor and we can take the jokes directed towards us.  We are friends because we just love each other!  I can't wait to actually meet you in person sometime Kristy!!

I am not going to post 8 more questions.  It was hard enough to come up with the first 8! lol  Hope you enjoyed!

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