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Saturday, September 18, 2010

I started reading a new book last night because I finished the other one.  I don't usually read very much Christian fiction, because sometimes it is dull.  But lately I have been wanting to read more fiction and not really wanting to read secular books.  So I got a Janette Oke series from the last church free bazaar thingy. 
This is from the Prairie Legacy Series and I started with the first one called The Tender Years.  I started reading last night, and have read today also.  It seems pretty good, but maybe something that would be more aimed for a teen girl, than a married woman. 
I have most of my planning done for this school week.  I just need to plan when we read certain books.
My kidney stone has been bothering me every day for a week so I have been taking pain pills.  I haven't been able to every day, but I have had one today and one yesterday. So I am not feeling right.

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