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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Goodbye Coffee

Doesn't she look happy?  Sitting there, drinking her cup of coffee, relaxing.  *sigh*  Well, today was my last day to have real coffee.  I gave all that I had left away and there is not more here.  Now when I drink "my coffee" it is Teeccino.  Which is all good and well, but I am still going to miss my creamy vanilla coffee.  *sigh*
This morning I gave it a shot.  I didn't make a pot of coffee when I got up, I made a pot of Teeccino.  Teeccino doesn't have caffeine and soon I was feeling it!  A headache was slowly taking over.  So I gave in and made some coffee.  And why not?  I've got I had good Starbucks coffee here.  I certainly can't waste it!  So I knew I just had to get rid of it.  I gave it over.  Sadly. 

So tomorrow I start my no coffee morning.  I have already warned the kids that I may will be grumpy.  lol  I dread the headaches more than the grumpiness.  But I will survive through this and live to drink Teeccino!  lol

So if you can today, pray a little prayer for me to get through this ordeal.  And for my family!  From now on, the only caffeine I will get is from chocolate and maybe some teas.  I don't have either very often though.

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