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Monday, September 6, 2010

Good Bye Summer

September brings us Fall.  Which brings us Winter.  I love the colors of Fall.  I hate the temperature of Fall and Winter.  I do not like to be cold and I am always cold.  I am not ready for Fall yet.  But my weather channel reports are telling me that Fall is here and Summer is gone.  Our Summer here in Western Washington was so late and I'm not ready to say goodbye.
And being in Western Washington, Fall and Winter bring rain.  Lots and lots of rain.  I am not too fond of the rain either, but I could stand it better if it was warm rain.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my state!  And I like the green part of it!  Eastern Washington is very warm, but windy and brown also.  Western Washington is so beautiful.  My favorite times of year to view Washington is the Fall, when we have so many different colors.  The bright red trees are my favorite.  In Spring the green buds start coming out and the beautiful flowers in some trees.  Then Summer has full bloom green trees that spread out their shady canopies for us to enjoy.

I finally finished my school planning for this week tonight.  I was behind from having such a busy weekend and not feeling the greatest.  But I'm going to start next week a lot earlier this week, like either tonight or tomorrow.  I am going to post my schedules on my homeschool blog, Teaching At Home In A Christian Way, if you are interested in reading.

Well it's already after 8pm and I want to blog on my homeschool blog tonight.  I don't know if I will though...we'll see.

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