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Friday, September 3, 2010

Family Photos

This is my beautiful family.  We had new family portraits done today.  After all of my worries about them I like how they turned out.  This one above is a sneak peak.  I am planning on posting more, but I want to play around with them a little bit and also update my blog profile to match.  I am going to start it some tonight and work late doing it just because I enjoy it so much, and hopefully finish tomorrow.  
We finished our school week today.  Tomorrow I want to correct this weeks work, add the fine details to next week and change our bulletin board to go with our lessons.  
Oh and the kids also got individual pics done today which I am going to use as their school pictures for the beginning of the year.  I am also going to have to decide upon 16 sheets of pictures to order tomorrow.  I was given that job and I gladly took it!  There are 48 poses to choose from.  But the nice thing is that I also have all 48 of those on a disc, so I get to print out whatever ones I want whenever.  
So anyways, I am just itching to get busy on all of this stuff.  So I will be back hopefully with a longer blog tomorrow!

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