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Thursday, September 23, 2010

My First Teeccino Sample

I took the plunge and tried it.  I really can't believe that I am going to have to say goodbye.  Really?  Maybe.....
Ok, so because of my wonderful kidney stones, my hubby wants me to quit drinking coffee.  The caffeine and coffee acids contribute to them.  That unnerves panics me!  I thought to myself, "I am going to have to find a replacement drink!  All I drink besides coffee is water.  I want some flavor!" With that thought, I decided I would go ahead and check the health food store for a coffee alternative.
Well, I didn't go exactly....but that's what friends are for right?  Now, actually she was already there and called and asked if I needed anything.  Since she asked, "Oooh yea!  I need some more Dr. Bronner's liquid castile, face cleanser and check out their choices for a coffee alternative and let me know what they have please?!"  Of course she did.  Actually, she brought me everything I asked for and gave me a website to order a coffee alternative.
I was on Twitter and chatting with a friend and she mentioned that she had gotten her Teecchino in the mail and she was so excited!  I asked her what that was....I was curious because the website I was given was written "Teechino".  I found out that she was talking about the same thing and I had been given the wrong spelling.  She told me a little about it and how great it was.
My next step was ordering!  On http://www.teeccino.com/ I found that they have a sampler pack that I could order to try 10 of the flavors.  And of course, I did.  I was also told that I could order this from Amazon.com.  I got my samples yesterday in the mail. 
This afternoon I tried it.  I opened up the Teeccino Mediterranean Original herbal coffee, smelled it (I could totally smell the carob.  Honestly, it doesn't have a great smell), brewed me a pot and sat down with my cup of Teeccino.  I wanted to try it black first, to get the real flavor.  Then if I needed to I could add cream and sugar.  I was excited about this Mediterranean flavor because it is described like this:
Citrus notes of orange peel sweetened by dates and figs
My favorite coffee is Starbucks Breakfast Blend.  Folgers Breakfast Blend is my 2nd choice.  But both use citrus flavors and maybe I like that?  I was a little disappointed to find that there wasn't a breakfast flavor, but this has to be it!
When I took my first sip, I couldn't believe how much like coffee this tastes!  It's amazing!  I am looking up now because I will be able to keep my flavors!  And the best part?  It's 75% organic!  The ingredients for this blend include:
Organic carob, organic barley, chicory, organic dates, organic orange peel, almonds, organic figs, natural citrus flavor
You can add cream and sugar if you want.  So far, I have drank 2 cups without cream or sugar.  I think I may add some in the next cup.
I am still in shock at how much like coffee this tastes!  There is a slight drawback.  It is a little more expensive than coffee.  But, as someone who spends at least $15 on coffee products per week, I can handle just a couple more dollars for health!  I am doubly sure that I could serve this to people and they would never know that it wasn't coffee. 
This is definitely a 5 star product for me!

1 comment:

Yama said...

I am so glad you ordered some and tried it! I haven't tried the Mediterranean one yet, but it sounds good! Hmmm, maybe next time we order some!

We actually served it to my mother in law who is a HUGE coffee drinker, like my husband. She REALLY liked it. I'm sure if I hadn't told her WHAT it was, she wouldn't have been able to tell.


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