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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Why do I Homeschool?

I have been asked this question before.  Why do you homeschool?  I have a few reasons why.  Let me share them with you.
I believe that it is my responsibility to make sure that my children get an education and are capable adults when they grow up.  I don't think that is the government's job.  God gave these children into my care, and into my care they will stay.
I don't have very much faith in the public school system anyways.  I believe they fail students all of the time.  There are so many kids that graduate and don't know how to read.  It's so sad.  And I also think that the government teaches what they want you to know, and what they don't want you to know.  Enough said.
I want my children to grow up and be good Christians.  I read a blog this morning where the mother talked about homeschooling her children.  She was a Christian.  But she didn't homeschool her kids to instill Christian values in them or to teach them to be a good Christian.  She said that those were issues that parents should cover, but as a parent, not a teacher.  I disagree with her.  I believe that homeschooling my children will instill the values in them that I TEACH because that is something that I want them to LEARN.  Public schools do not teach Christian values, they teach worldy values.  I want my children to have the best chances of becoming the best adult and I think that includes teaching them Christian behaviors and the public schools will not do this for me.
I am one of those crazy ladies who like to keep her kids with her.  Another of my beliefs is that my kids are only going to be young one time.  There will come a day when they will be embarrassed to be with me and even the time when they won't want to be with me at all.  I want to cherish and keep close to me those days now while I have them.  I don't want to look back and think, I should have enjoyed them more or I should have been with them more.  They are my babies and I want to enjoy them as long as the good Lord allows me to.
And along with instilling the Christian values into my children, I also want to teach them Christian history and Christian worldviews.  I do not use a Christian curriculum because I mainly write my own plans.
So there you have it.  Does anyone have any questions?  I will answer them!

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