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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day #1with no Coffee - Full Month of Blogs!

Well I made it.  I made it one month of blogging every single day and I made it one day without coffee.  My headache now is worse than it has been all day.  Ugh.
I did get some things accomplished today and am glad for it.  Some things have been picked up the last few days that were just in our way!  Now to get rid of it all! 
Today FINALLY got up to the temperature that the weatherchannel said it would.  Well, that's not true.  It didn't get up to it, but it got closer than it has all week.  I got 2 loads washed and hung up on the line and hopefully they'll get close by the time evening comes all the way.
The kids and I baked some Pillsbury Spooky Cat cookies today.  They are nummy!  They sure love doing that.  We don't do it much.  I hate to cook or bake.  The only thing I enjoy in the kitchen is eating.  And it's not like those cookies are hard, it's just something I hate.  HATE.  So I procrastinate it. 
My poor hubby didn't marry a Susie-Homemaker.  lol 
I don't know if I posted this book yet that I am currently reading, but it's pretty good.  I haven't had much time to sit and read it so I am still on chapter 2 and page 22.  It's called A Busy Woman's Guide to Prayer by Cheri Fuller.  I bought this book for only 1 penny on Amazon.com!  What a deal!  And it was labeled Like New, but I think it's brand new! 
I am going to head out now so that I can read it for a few while the hubby is gone with his dad for a drive.  I think I'll just tie the kids up put a movie in for the kids for a bit so that I can have some peace and quiet to read in.
Say goodbye to September and hello to October.  How can we already be to Christmas again?

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