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Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Current Favorite CD

I recently was able to buy a new CD for myself.  I got a little tired of listening to my other ones and I my radio doesn't work in the van, just the player.  I have been wanting and searching for Francesca Bettistelli.  She sings a couple of songs that I love.  Like "Free To Be Me" and "I'm Letting Go".  After I bought the CD, I noticed that I also know Beautiful, Beautiful from the radio.  I got the deluxe edition called My Paper Heart.
The nice thing about this CD is that it is a Christian CD and my children love to sing to this album.  We have quite a few Christian men albums but I like to have some women sometimes because Amanda likes to sing to "girl singers".
So far, my favorite song is "Blue Sky".  When you feel down, you have to listen to this song and you just won't be able to stay down! 
"I'm Letting Go" is a song that I totally can relate to.  Every day of my life, this is the way I try to live. 
I recommend all you definitely buy this CD to have in your collection!

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