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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Changes and Plans

After I checked NaBloPoMo yesterday morning and entered my blog into the blog roll, and posted my post.....they changed the theme.  Instead of VISION it is now ART.  I can go with that because I like art and it's easy to blog/talk about.  That also gives me a whole month to show off my designs!!
Today I was offered to do a quick job that paid quite well.  I blogged about it yesterday right here.  This will be a simple job, I'm hoping, but it will take quite a bit of time today.  I am extremely grateful that it is something I can do here at home though.  I have an hour before I start.  After I am done blogging I need to wash some dishes so hubby won't have to look at the mess all day.  
We are not going to do any formal school today.  I will have the kids do what school work they can do on their own, quietly.  But I probably won't get to the subjects that I need to do with them.  And that's ok, because I need just one more day to finish last week and that will be tomorrow.  It works perfectly!  

Yesterday I was brought to the realization of something in the Bible that I want to research for myself.  It is the issue of women wearing head coverings.  You'll find the passage in 1 Corinthians 11:2-16.  I am intrigued by the issue and am praying a lot about it.  *PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT WANT A DISCUSSION ABOUT THIS TO GET OUT OF HAND.  ANY RUDE COMMENTS ABOUT THIS WILL BE DELETED.*  I do not need to worry about others religious life.  I want to do what God wants orders me to do.  That is why I am praying about it.  I don't care how others live their religious life, if they feel that God wants them to live the way they do, that is their deal.  They have to answer to Him in the end, not me.  And it doesn't affect my personal decisions.  If the Lord convicts me in this area of my life, I will know it because He will make it clear to me.  I believe this and pray on this.  I will be blogging about this topic a little bit more.  I want to do a little more research and praying first.

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