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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Drying Clothes in the Rain

That cute little angel bear is praying for me today.  I have no dryer.  The heating element, I think, went out.  I called Sears today, since it seems that our Summer in is over, and asked about the heating element for my dryer.  It has to be ordered, they don't stock it.  It is $43.52 for the element, $4 for tax and with shipping added the grand total was $58.76!  When I told hubby that price, he scoffed and said, look in the want ads.  You should be able to find a dryer much newer than yours for cheaper or the same price as the element will cost.  My dryer is very old.  Very old.
So I checked out craigslist in my area and he's right!  I can find newer ones around the same price.  What a deal!  On Friday we will get our check and I will be able to find a dryer for us.  Until then, it looks like I can do one load a day.  And just keep restarting the dryer.
It's quite insane really.  It bugs me.  Laundry is piling up.  We're running out of clean clothes around here.  Oi.
So if any of you local people that know me can send me in the direction of a dryer for sale that is under $100, please do! 
Today I hoping to get more done than I have been able to all week.  The problem is I am not motivated.  That is a bummer.  I have so much to do.  I really don't want to get behind in school either and we have missed 2 days this week due to my  health and visiting step-daughter before she went home.
I guess I better go so that I can get scootin'.  I hope everyone has a good day!  Praying that I do also!

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