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Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Friday Fave Five

Susanne over at Living to Tell the Story hosts this wonderful post every Friday.  It forces you to think back on the wonderful praises and blessings of your past week.  And without any further ado, here is my favorite things of the week:

1.  The love and comfort that I have from my church family.  I am so thankful for them!  They are blessings to my whole family!  I always know that when I walk into my church, I will be loved and accepted.  And comforted if I need that!

2.  I got my Teeccino samples in the mail!  As most of my readers know, I am in love with coffee.  I found out it's not the best thing for my kidney stones and can actually make them worse.  So my hubby talked me into trying to quit.  For my health.  I am not a big tea drinker and I don't think that is strong enough to fill my taste for coffee.  I searched for an alternative and found one recommended by a lady at Super Supplements and a friend on Twitter.  Well, it is fabulous!  It is so much like coffee that I will be able to switch!  You can read my posts on this here and here.

3.  I am so blessed by my beautiful cats.  My kitten just knows how to make me smile and laugh.  He cuddles up on my lap and does not let me ignore him!  Our middle cat has been getting closer and closer to me, he's quite shy and panicky.  Poor guy.  We got him like that and it makes us sad for him.  Our oldest is ruder than ever but trying to be a little bit nicer because she wants to come in more now that the warm weather has passed.  She is a sweetheart, if you catch her in the right mood! 

4.  I am extremely thankful for the laughter that I shared this week with my kids.  As Stinky is getting older, she is funner to joke with.  And she gets more things, like when I mess up.  Bubba is just a little joke maker and loves to make others laugh.  He's a little comedian for sure.  I am blessed by my babies and I thank the Lord for making me their mother!

5.  And last but not least, I am thankful for my creative talents.  I decided to crochet myself a new headcovering instead of spending money that I don't really have right now on a new scarf or a real headcover that I can order online.  I am excited for this!  My first one won't be anything special or fancy, but it will help sharpen my skills all the same.  I haven't crocheted enough to understand all of the lingo and directions yet. 

Have a fantabulous week folks!  If you'd like to count your blessing for the week, you can join us by clicking on the name "Living To Tell the Story" above! 


Susanne said...

I had laughter with one of my kids on my list this week too. So good.

We are studying church family in our small groups and how it was in the book of Acts. So powerful when we are there for each other!

The Man Crew said...

It's been good catching up on your blogging, Dani...glad you had so many things to be thankful for this week!


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