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Saturday, September 11, 2010

{Blog Post}

Yea, I really couldn't think of a title.  I really can't think of a blog entry.  I want to blog about what me and the kids did today, but I need to edit pictures and such before I can....so I need to wait. 
Tonight we are just getting ready for church and Sunday school tomorrow after a nummy Chinese food dinner.  We haven't had that for.....I don't even know how long!
I have been having some good conversations with my sister the past few days.  Yesterday was her birthday.  It makes me feel older when I hear how old she is because I'm the oldest daughter.  And I can hardly believe that my baby sister is that old!  It's just crazy.
My sister and I have a really good relationship.  We are really close and can talk about anything with each other.  I am her confidant and she is mine.  And it's just cuz we're coolot like that!

That is all of us last Summer.  This was at my mom's wedding so we all were matching.  Stinky was cuddling up next to my niece G. and Aunt T.  Then Bubba is next to me, Miss Chicken Legs.  Seriously...I hate them.  I almost didn't post this pic, but it was the most recent I could find fast. 
My sis lives across the US.  Literally.  I am on one corner, she's on the other.  So we see each other about every 2 years.  I wish we could see each other more.
I never got to any of the correcting of the schoolwork or finishing the plans today like I was supposed to.  Again.  *sigh*  I'll be extra busy tomorrow.
Tomorrow morning we'll go to Sunday school, then church.  I will come home for lunch and have a couple hours of free time.  Then I go to hand bell practice for an hour and a half.  Usually I go back home after that instead of going to the evening service because the kids and Greg are home.  But, my girlfriend and her kids are getting baptized this Sunday evening and Greg and the kids will go to church with me.  After practice, I will head out to pick them up, and go back to church for the evening service.  That gets over at 7pm.  I better do some of my work tonight.  Which means, I better go. 


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